This is Doris.

I'm a web developer.

I do both front end and back end works.

Now, let's see some websites I've been working on.

▼ ▼ ▼

I Had Cancer

Webby Award Winner!

Drupal Theming.

Homepage refreshing.

Adding AJAX search.

Adding Facebook interactive plugin - enable user comment via Facebook.

Homepage pop up videos(Slider/dynamic sharing features)

Wellness Pet Food

New Page Creation: Cat, Dog Page, CheckyourBag page, etc.

Multi-language dropdown.

Google Map.

Database management.


Career Page dynamic iframe auto heights.


Home page refreshing.

Programe page refreshing.

Staff page content update.

New page creation.

RSS feed.

Lexus - Luxury Awaits

Verses and Flow

Jackie Robinson Foundation

Homepage refreshing, Sliders.

Sitewide navigation restructure.

New pages creation.

Premium Outlets


Mobile site JSON.

Navigation Center.

Email Template.

Registration form javascript validation.

Trader Joes

New form creation(vendor forms), form validations.

Content management.

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